If you wear spectacles, please bring them with you so we can now the prescription you are currently wearing.

If are coming for a regular exam (no acute problem), and you wear contact lenses and would like to be evaluated for a contact lens fitting, please do mention this when you are scheduling your visit with us, this way we can schedule you with the appropriate provider for this type of examination. Please do wear your contact lenses to come to your visit. This will help us assess the fitting that you currently are wearing. If you have a copy of your prescription, also do bring it to your visit so that we can have a much information as possible about your prior eye care.

In this page you fill find the links to download each one of the forms you will need to complete before your visit to our providers. Please take a moment to complete them prior to your arrival. This will expedite your visit.  If you are unable to print the forms we will provide them to you when you arrive to our office, in which case we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Patient Information Sheet

Medical History Form

Confidentiality Form

Consent for Clinical Refraction